Friday, February 04, 2005

It's Friday and that's pizza night!!!

What are the kids doing today?...

Well, as usually for my John, he woke up and had a very, very wet diaper. So, into the tub for a nice hot bath. I even put nighttime diapers on him to no avail. He always wakes up with a full diaper of pee. Oh, I forgot to change the sheets. Rats!!!

I think we have a Mikey child on my hands. Whatever Caroline won't eat, John will eat and without a fuss. It's incredible. He'll be passing her in weight at no time. At John's six month check up, I had to go and buy a car seat since he weighed more than his carrier so off to Babies 'r us I go to get a new car seat. He's not a big kid, but boys are different than girls when it comes to weight.

Caroline does have good manners as she says "please", "thank you" and other nice stuff. I guess I am doing my job.

Caroline had her big girl diapers on --- the Pull up ones. But, no success yet. The training is so young. I have until September to do it. However, the preschool did tell me that some kids do have pull ups.

Oh...they don't play well together. I hope this isn't a forecast into the future!

But, they are really sweet kids.


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