Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Splinters // Grassophobia

What are the kids doing today?

Last week, the kids and I were out on the front porch having a wonderful time since it's been beautiful here. I checked John's hands one morning and realized between both his hands, he had about 12 splinters. So, Eric was home and he got the pin out and we wrestled with John to get all 12 splinters out of his hands. He was definitely not a happy camper.

Last night, we went outside after dinner and just chilled out. The weather has been awesome here, to say the least. Caroline is running around like a luntic and John just stands in the lawn and does nothing. Eric took off his shoes and he finally made a couple of steps. But, it was very funny just seeing John in one place, not moving an inch due to his grassophobia.

Caroline is doing well. We've been coloring, saying our ABC's and other stuff.


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