Monday, December 12, 2005

John's 2nd Birthday

What are the kids doing today?

It's John's 2nd Birthday!!! Wow, it seems like yesterday that he was a baby. Now he is a big boy!!!!

He loves his balloon. I bought it on Saturday and all he wanted driving home was the balloon. We tied the balloon to his pants so his friend was close to him all day.
Eric thought it would be a wonderful thing if I didn't cook on his birthday. Last year, I made homemade pizza and I was forever in the kitchen. So, this year we decided to order from KFC. I think everybody liked it. BTW, the Steelers won!!! Here we go, Steelers, Here we go!!
I got a little creative with the cake. It's the infamous Ho-Ho cake which everybody loves. So, I spelled out the message on his cake with M&Ms.
I think that John liked the M&Ms and ice cream the best. Yummy!!
Caroline is helping John with his presents which he really appreciates everybody giving him some fun gifts. He thanks everybody for coming to his party with a major snow storm occuring on his big day!!!



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Jane, your kids are just adorable!!!!

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