Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Easter is coming

Coloring Eggs Posted by Hello

All Caroline seemed to say this Easter is "Egg hunt." We colored eggs and had a mini Easter egg hunt at the house. It was a lot of fun. However, I didn't let Caroline dip her hands into the dye seeing that it doesn't come out very well.

After the egg dying was completed, I used the dye to color some yarn I had. Multi purpose dying, I love it.

27 eggs each!!!

Okay, this was the official egg hunt at church. The youth leader indicated that each child was to find 27 eggs each. I thought "27 eggs each. That's a little overload and way too much sugar. 10 eggs would have been find." So, away we went from the egg hunt with lots of candy that mom and dad are now eating and gaining weight. The kids just want more of it. Ugh!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My kids are the best

What are the kids doing today?

I took them to one of my knitting classes last night due to some circumstances out of my control and they were angels. Caroline and John really do play nice together in their stroller even thought John was eating the flash cards that I bought at Joann's.

Caroline is saying colors like - yellow, purple, and the like; however, I never hear red, blue -- the easy colors to say.

John is a climber and that's what makes each child unique. Caroline and John are like night and day but they wonderful!!! What a blessing Eric and I have.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Climbing / Ms. Count Von Count

What are the kids doing today?

John is climbing sooo much that I want to pull my hair out. He loves using any type of container, chair, toy to get up on the sofa and wreek havoc on my table. Ugh!!! He's a walking fool, too!!!

Caroline is enjoying to count and does it very well, now. Eric moved her fluorescent orange table up to Caroline's room with her very noisy "Wiggles" mat. So, now she enjoys being up in her bedroom where she can color without John bugging her and dances like a mad woman.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Look who's walking

Mowing the great room Posted by Hello

The little man is!!! He is a walking maniac right now but not running from me but to me. He starts off near the orange table and manages around the blue lazyboy chair to the openness of the great room. You go, john!!

White leather walking shoes

New shoes Posted by Hello

His bobux shoes were getting holes in them, plus Caroline used to wear them. So, it was new shoes for John. He finally is getting something new as opposed to having something that was Caroline's or his cousins. However, I don't mind a bit. He also has Caroline's crib since she's in a big girlie bed. Their rooms are looking in order since the weekend of shuffling around furniture.

On the Caroline front, she is Mrs. Count van Count as she loves to count. She doesn't like the transition from 3 to 5...what's the matter with four? But, can could to ten.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

2nd Annual Dunn Sled Riding Party

Daddy and Caroline sledding Posted by Hello

Caroline loves to go sledding and especially with her daddy and uncle Eddie. She walks slowly with her snow suit on but enjoys every minute going down the hill and the big bumps. She stayed out there for about 45 minutes and uncle Eddie took her all the way down to the bottom of the driveway. I won't want to carry her back up. We all saw how each other needs to go and have a lot more exercise than what they are doing now when you climb the hill. But, I believe everybody had a fun time.

Diaper boxes are wonderful toys

da kids Posted by Hello

I didn't even have to spend a lot of money for something so simple like a diaper box. They enjoyed going in and out of the box and then standing and sitting in the box. What entertainment! However, when John got out of the box, Caroline wanted him back in the box.

Messy Boy

John and pizza Posted by Hello

John loves pizza and this is his second time trying it out. Basically, he'll eat anything which means we as a family are eating together for the most part when it comes to meals. Sometimes, I give John a jar of food but he is 98% on human food which is a good thing. He enjoyed placing his hands on his tray with the pizza on it and smearing it around and then putting his hands in his hair and on his face. I don't recall if I gave him a bath that evening. I'm a bad mom.