Thursday, July 28, 2005

Big Boy John // Thanks Aunt Barbara

What are the kids doing today?

Napping right now so it gives me time to blog. Today was an early day as it started at 6:45 am. It's not because John had a package for me or Caroline was was just time to get up in Caroline's eyes. So, that's when the day started. They should have a long nap.

This was John's first day of feeding himself and it really does take a lot of time for him to eat which is a good thing since he devours eat very easily.

We are making a lot of progress on Caroline's potty training as I am taking advice about going bottomless and it really is a good idea. She has had only two accidents but she is going on the potty and that's important. Eric and I got over confident yesterday and put her Dora underwear on. Wrong!!! She went in them. But, she recovered from it well.

Caroline loves to ride her tricycle on the porch. Thanks for such a great gift, Aunt Barbara. : )!!!

Monday, July 25, 2005

What are the kids doing today?

Well, it's summertime and time for very dirty little feet. We play out on the deck after dinner and the kids like taking their shoes of. So, every night, they take baths.

John and Caroline lying down on the deck. I wish I could be their age again. They have so much fun together. Caroline especially enjoys playing with her tricycle that Aunt Barbara gave to her for Christmas. Vroom, Vroom...ding ding, goes the bell.

I gave Miss Caroline a haircut since it was getting very long and this is how it came out. I need to trim a couple of strands, but it is short and good for this sticky weather which has arrived.

Other news on the kiddie front, I'm trying to potty train Caroline and she actually pottied (No.1) in the pot. However, it's a pure fluke. This needs to be done before preschool which starts in September. Nothing like a little pressure to get this task done.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I'm back

What are the kids doing today?

John got his booster chair and is eating some yummy goldfish. Actually, he is like a tornado when he eats. It's gone in a flash. He has some appetite.

Miss Caroline and her piggy tails. Too bad she doesn't like rubber bands or those pony tail bands. She ripped them out as soon as I put them in her hair.

Both kids love our wild black rasberries which I pick from the front of our home. Basically, they both like to eat, and who doesn't.